Educational resources
We hope to develop more comprehensive educational resources if we can get funding for further phases of the project. However, the existing project website:
•    Is ideal for use in History/PHSME/Citizenship/Geography but also English, Art and Drama
•    Is a potential learning tool for study of local history/migration and to generate skills of empathy
•    Could lead to project work – especially at Primary level where pupils could use the website and exhibition as a theme for a cross-curricular Scheme of Work
•    Could be used in a standalone activity with the downloadable worksheets

We have included some of the worksheets used by schools when they visited the exhibition.

Coming to Coventry website quiz.pdf

The Coming to Coventry Website Quiz is suitable for a variety of ages and abilities and is based on material included in the website - therefore web access is essential for this exercise.

Coming to Coventry website quiz answers.pdf

Coming to Coventry exhibition worksheet.pdf

The Coming to Coventry Exhibition worksheet is suitable for KS3/KS4 and is based on material included in the exhibition panels and {ln:film 'film} section of the website. Access to the website is not essential for this exercise as the exhibition panels can be printed off and only one of the questions is based specifically on the film. 

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