The Coming to Coventry exhibition ran at The Herbert from 27th May to 9th July 2006. You can see images of the exhibition here and click on the links below to view full versions of the exhibition panels and pictures of the launch. A touring version of the exhibition is available for loan please {ln:Contact 'contact us} for more details.

Click here to view the Exhibition Panels in pdf format.

{ln:launch pictures 'Click here to view pictures of the Exhibition Launch}.

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This suitcase was used by Gurbax Kaur when she left her village of Rurka Kalan and flew to England with her father. The suitcase is full of the kind of items many women brought with them on their journey to start a new life in Coventry.


Sarwan Sanghera bought this trunk for her journey to Coventry to join her husband in 1953. The trunk cost 14 rupees and was packed with homemade sweets, butter and clothes. 
The rajai or handmade cotton quilt was typical of the dowry gifts which women brought with them to England. Nishatro Kaur's mother had this rajai sent over for her dowry in the 1960s and saved it until her wedding in 1972.

The exhibition featured a selection of Midlands News clips from the 1960s, courtesy of the Media Archive of Central England (MACE). You can view all exhibition film clips on this website.


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These items belonging to the Gosai family include the passports they travelled to England with, their first British driving licence and nationality certificate. 



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