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I have been playing kabaddi from very beginning since 1962. I played my very first match here versus Pakistan in England. In 1963 we invited a team from Birmingham and played against them at Morris Park. After that the tournament was held in Birmingham.

The Coventry tournament was started a year after that. The 40th tournament was held this year. [kabaddi] It started in Coventry, no one knew about it in the whole of England. My dad use to play it, he started it steadily over here. He visited Southall once and no one knew about Kabaddi over there, he talked to them about it, and they had a very good team in the end. We held four tournaments a year. 

Tournaments were held in Birmingham and Southall as well. Nowadays they are held all over the England. We had a big audience that time 10-15,000 but now-a-days it has shrunk to 6,000. Our team travelled by one van, the fans went by their own cars. People were very enthusiastic to go and watch the match. It is different now, maybe because they have to pay. 

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