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There used to be an Indian film once a month. Every two months the cinema used to be packed, everyone used to go there.

This was about 1959/60. The cinemas then, it was called the Plaza, and then they started showing films at the Savoy in Radford. I think a chap called Kalia who started the films there. Then the Ritz was formed, in about 1966/67. Then Mr Kalia from the Savoy also brought the Palladium. It used to be free for children under 15 years. I can remember, they used to have 3 films in 3 different cinemas, because it was free when I was at school. I can remember, at half past 9, on Sundays I used to cycle to one of the cinema, watch one film, then cycle to the other cinema and watch the second show there.

I like the Indian films; I watched mostly all the all the old films. It used to be quite interesting, still are. Some of the old ones are still better than the present ones. I can still remember Mother India was one of the best films I’ve ever seen. There was one Raj Kapoor’s old film I think, the whole house got packed. It was called Pardesi…It was made with Nargis and this Russian actor, I can’t remember his name. It was called Pardesi and the whole house got packed. I don’t know if people were going to see Nargis or this Russian actor!

It used to be one outing because people didn’t have much entertainment in the house there was television but not much video. But it wasn’t like the televisions now, you can switch it on here and get Sony and Zee TV, Asian programmes of all kinds.

People had nowhere to go so Sunday afternoon was their one remaining outing to the cinema. Though they used to have 3 shows; one in the afternoon 12.00pm, one at 4.00pm and one in the evening at 7.00pm. Most people, the 4.00pm show used to be packed. Because the ladies had don’t their housework in the morning, and the men went out for a drink in the afternoon, and 4.00pm it was the cinema!! After that, we’d come home and make the dinner for the evening. The cinemas really declined after when the video’s started coming onto the market. Now they are coming back again. 

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