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I remember. I had a friend whose husband died in India she was the same age as me.

She was very sad and asked for her to be called over to England so she could be re-married….my husband had a friend who had the Guru Granth Sahib and we brought it home and did the wedding in the house. It was just the relatives. They read the holy Granth and the wedding was done. In those days there no Gurdwaras, after some time the weddings started to take place in halls. At that time, only a small amount of people would gather, then afterwards they would go to the pub. They would make the food and they would take it to the pub. Everything was done in the house, the men would hire a van and they would all meet in the house and do the milini. Then they would go to the pub, eat roti and come home. There was not much expenditure; nowadays we have to do weddings in such big halls. In those days, there was no money but they used to make do with what they had. Nothing was expensive… 

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