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While I was staying in Bombay, I got interest in cinema. My maternal uncle form Delhi advised me only the white people watch films.

He did not allow me to watch cinema. I sneaked out to watch a film that was Sohni Mahiwal. Noorjahan had worked in it. I was free to watch films in Bombay; there was no one to stop me. Raj Kapoor and Dulip Kumar were very popular at that time. Suriya was a beautiful actress and a good singer as well in those days. I became a fan of films in Bombay. Then I moved to Coventry, which was a home of Indian cinema. All of the new films were shown in Coventry before they were shown any where else like Bedworth, Leamington, Birmingham and Nuneaton. Films were shown in this country by Indian Film society.

We rented the Ritz theatre and started showing films there. Two shows were at different time; one was in the morning at 9’o clock and second was in the afternoon. Ticket rates were two to two and half shillings, which is 12-15 pence in today’s money. That was our social life. I had my permanent duty in cinema at every weekend. We chose the films from distributors and decided which film was the best. We always travelled to London to see the distributors about the availability of films. The film Nanak Nam Jahaj was a big hit at that time. It was a good film. That is what I did for my social activities. Social life means a lot. We looked forward to going to watch new films together with friends. 

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