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Volleyball was my hobby so I participated in sports. I met Labh Singh Gill in Indian Workers Association meetings.

He asked if there was anyone who is a volleyball player. Back then, there were hardly any youngsters around at the time, so we joined together.  …we started playing volleyball at memorial park. We had 6 players. I was one of them, to start playing Asian volleyball.

In 1961, 62, and 63, families started to come to come to England, then youngsters started to come, then a football team was formed in Coventry and later a Kabaddi team was also formed.

The first tournament was the Shaheed Udham Singh Tournament, it took place in Birmingham. Four teams took part, one was from Coventry. Then in 1966 we hosted the next Tournament. We then founded an Indian Central Sports Federation in November 1970 to organise all sports in England. I was elected the first General Secretary of that federation. After that in 1991 The World Kabaddi Federation organisation was formed, through that organisation I went to Australia, India, Pakistan, Canada and America.

I was a Sky Blue’s supporter and I would buy the season ticket. I would go to the Sky Blue League at Highfield Road. When the Sky Blues reached Wembley, I took my youngest son, Harjinder Cheema with me. …2-3 weeks before the Wembley match there was a long queue at Highfield Road, then the office was closed and so they said they would sell the rest of the tickets the next day. I thought that I would not be able to get the tickets the next day. I phoned home and asked my son to bring a quilt and pillow and I slept at Highfield Road and there were other people doing the same too. In the morning I got 2 tickets and I went to Wembley. When the Sky Blues won, I felt like I had won and I remember all the players’ names. 

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