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My husband came to collect us but our aeroplane had not landed.

It was snowing so he waited a day and returned back home. When we landed there was no one to receive us. There were no other Indians at the airport, only one other family was with us. They asked how are you getting home there is no one here for you. We couldn’t understand anything as they were English, we didn’t know what to say or where to go, neither did we know where the toilets were…the man from the other family who came with us, said “sister I will get you a taxi you just have to give the driver your address, as no one is going to come and get you”. When we reached home there was no one here, my husband was sitting in the pub. When the taxi driver knocked on the door, we could not understand a word he was saying. The taxi driver suggested there is a pub here they must be in the pub. He went inside to look for my husband and asked around if anyone had a family coming from India. It was when my husband got back from the pub he let us in. 


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