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When I left school I started working as a wallpaper salesman, which was paper and paint place.

 I worked there for about two years. It used to be a wallpaper warehouse in Hillfields, called Bright Walls, this was in 1961-2. It was the worst winter I can remember. For about two months, there was snow. We used to walk to work. The wages were low. I started at £5 a week, 44 hours. Out of which I had to pay taxation for 12 shillings. The general working conditions were very bad.

There was not much point complaining about health and safety. We were just happy to be here. Generally in the foundries and the other engineering factories around Coventry the working condition were atrocious. Low wages, long hours, and dirty working conditions. Most people wanted to make a good living and the only way they could do that was by working long hours. Chuhar Singh Jandu came to Coventry 1956

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