Kabbadi comes to Coventry:

Many of the early migrants who came to Coventry were young men, often in their teens or early twenties. While many worked long hours, some managed to find time for sports and other leisure activities. Those like Deep Singh and Sohan Singh were keen sportsmen before they migrated and they tried to revitalise their interests in Coventry. Others like Chuhar Singh, who had his schooling in Coventry, played sports like Rugby and Football.

Kabaddi, is an ancient Indian sport played which was very popular in rural Punjab. Many of the early migrants in Coventry came from this region. The game involves two teams in which the players take turn to raid the opposing team’s pitch. The raider then tries to touch as many members of the opposing team as possible, while chanting “kabaddi” in order to gain points. Sports like kabaddi and volleyball became more popular amongst the South Asian migrant communities when families began to settle down and there were men who could participate.

The following are stories of those who actively participated in the early sports scene in Coventry:

Deep Singh came to Coventry in 1958

I have been playing kabaddi from very beginning since 1962. I played my very first match here versus Pakistan in England. In 1963 we invited a team from Birmingham and played against them at Morris Park. After that the tournament was held in Birmingham.


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